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How to make a Booking
Sessions and Rates

How to Pay

For irregular bookings

You will be invoiced monthly by e-mail.
Payment by internet banking to: 12 3209 0189071 000, is preferred.

or, send a cheque made out to:
Mentor Professionals Ltd

Mailing Address:
Mentor Professionals
7 Fife Street
Auckland 1022

In the top right of the booking sheet you will see a bogus credit total.
This total is $10,000 minus the cost of your future bookings.

For regular bookings

If you are regular user, Please arrange automatic payments a week in advance to:
12 3209 0189071 000 (stating your identifier and the venue, Rawene or Kotare).

The dollars in the top right of the booking calendar represents your gratis credit for being a long-term user. With this credit you can book an occasional extra session for the client who is unable to attend during your usual regular booking session.
There will be no charge to you and the cost will be deducted from that credit total.
This facility is for sessions no more than 2 weeks in advance.