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How to make a Booking
How to Pay
Sessions and Rates

Customs and Rules


Parking is to be distributed and not clustered around the venue.

Noise Levels

The rooms are designed with a degree of sound-proofing but, please ensure that the doors and windows are closed during a noisy session.


The rooms are professionally cleaned weekly. All users are expected to leave the whole place both clean and tidy.
Chairs are to be left as found, and kitchen and bathroom clean.
Rubbish and recycling bins are available, and attention to recycling is requested.

Layout on Leaving

Please leave the rooms ready for the next user, i.e:
Vacuum and empty waste bins, but only if needed.
Leave chairs and furniture they were when you arrived. To be sure, have a quick look at your room in “rooms” in the home page menu, and that’s the layout.